Our Story

In today’s materialistic world, What we ought to understand is that “life is like a box of chocolates, and the results are often unexpected”, cited in Forrest Gump. So is life, you don’t know what will happen to your life tomorrow, or even in the next minute. All you could do is living for today, feeling the good of life.
Please imagining……
When you are facing endless work: you feel great pressure and puzzled by the real purpose to work so much. Then, just have a rest and take a CRYSTAL BLAST, you will find yourself.
When you are spending uproarious evening in night clubs or wild parties: you suddenly feel a bit tired. It seems to be out of tune with the noisy masses.
Then, just have a rest and take a CRYSTAL BLAST, you will be refreshed and jump into the next period of joy and freedom.
Please go to pick up a CRYSTAL BLAST, a more fashion vape style. We believe that you will gain double exciting.
We can certainly conceive of countless similar occasions……
Time never stops, and all the things we love and do are forced to changed by time. Therefore, we may unable to find the direction of life, feeling empty. But even though we cannot deny the fact, life’s still beautiful and full of exciting. Please slowdown your pace and take a CRYSTAL BLAST, life’s crystal will be around the corner.