int(1212) array(11) { ["cate_template"]=> string(12) "list_default" ["cate_product_text"]=> string(277) "Note: Battery power shall not be released normally when the ambient temperature is lower than -5℃. We suggest before the activation, this product shall be left in a warm environment for about three days to restore battery discharge capacity." ["single_template"]=> string(14) "single_default" ["cate_page"]=> string(0) "" ["cate_seotit"]=> string(0) "" ["cate_keywords"]=> string(0) "" ["cate_description"]=> string(0) "" ["cate_jump_or_show"]=> string(4) "show" ["cate_jump_single_id"]=> string(2) "10" ["cate_jump"]=> bool(false) ["cate_jump_single"]=> bool(false) }